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The American Society for Cybernetics

The Praxis of Cybernetics and the Cybernetics of Praxis

Preliminary Conference Agenda

April 18, 2001


Sunday, May 27


Plenary: Recursive Reflection on the Praxis of Cybernetics

Pille Bunnell: welcome and opening remarks

Stuart A. Umpleby

Types of More General Theories and Strategies for Winning Acceptance of them

Larry Richards

The Praxis of Thinking: Deliberate vs. Improvised

Philip Lewin

Paradoxes of Cybernetic Praxis

Frank Galuzska

Color as a system: the cybernetics of the limited palette


ASC Annual General Meeting

Working lunch




Frank Galuzska

Drawing: Does Creativity Exist?


Joe Miguez and Tricia Pearce

Walking the Labyrinth: Knowing Recursion


Fleurette Sweeney

Singing and Speaking: Patterns of Social Play


Round Tables by Theme: opening the conversation

All persons who have submitted papers give a 3 minute synopsis of their concerns and the questions they wish illuminated through conversation.

Other participants add to this, and conversations begin.




Keynote (open to the public)

Mary Catherine Bateson

The cybernetics of activism and aesthetics:
Building on the work of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson


Performance: School for Designing a Society



Monday, May 28



klaus krippendorff

the cybernetics of discourse and the discourse of cybernetics

Kathleen Forsyhe Award presentation


Round Tables by Theme: continuing the conversation

Short (10-20 minute) presentations in each thematic group stimulate further conversations


Recursive Reflection on the Praxis of Cybernetics


Beth Dempster

Being organizationally ajar…

Carol English and Bert McGinnis

Models as Cognitive Amplifiers


Concern for the Social Dimensions of Cybernetics Praxis


Gaetano Giordano

The Child Custody Dispute: a Conflictive Praxis To Resolve A Conflictive Praxis…

Allena Leonard

Contexts of Coercion

Stephen Sloan:
My Current Self-Description of Manic-Depression in a System


Concern for the Organizational Dimensions of Cybernetic Praxis


Mary Lou Collins

The Tornado Effect: when Organizational Systems Collide


Dennis Sandow

Construction of an economy of well being: stories from business

Alan Stewart

Creating a culture of conversing : applying cybernetic notions in business praxis

Philip Wrigley

A Systems Theory of Deliberative Meetings in Organizations and its Implications …


Concern for Implications to Educational Praxis


Lee Gass

The value of cybernetic models of teaching and learning

Mary-Ellen Perley

Drama and Literary Interpretation: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Praxis




Brent Cameron

Experiences: Time and the Observer


Monique Giard

Dancing: Distinguishing Dimensions through Movement


Lou Kauffman

Knots and Soap Bubbles: Sign and Space




3:30 - 6:00

Plenary: Concern for the Social Dimensions of Cybernetics Praxis

Randall Whitaker

Conversations Of Conflict: Information Warfare as an Outcome of Being Human

Janet D. Fiero

Surviving and Thriving Ecologically: Exploring Luhmann’s social autopoiesis

Antonín Rosicky´

Information And Social Systems Evolution

Judith Lombardi

Behavioral Cybernetics: A Praxis for Understanding Human Interactions



Evening Conversation: Cybernetic Reflections on Remaining Human

Ely A. Dorsey

The Lie of Race: The Politics of Evil

Tuesday, May 29

8:45- 10:00

Plenary: Concern for the Organizational Dimensions of Cybernetic Praxis

Gary Boyd

Qualitative Cybersystemic Modelling as Praxiscybernetics of Praxis

Jason Hu-Ji-Xuan

Self-Organization Behind Corporate Development in U.S. and China …

Randall Whitaker and Ulf Essler

Interactivity In Electronic Commerce: Shifting the Focus of Business Modeling

refreshment break

10:30 - 12:00

Rosalind Armson and Ray Ison

If you're a fish, what can you know about the water? …

Elizabeth White

Praxis: From Wang Labs ' 80 To Texas Instruments '98 -a 2nd Order Cybernetics Journey

John Brocklesby

The Cybernetics of Praxis in Management Science


Lunch conversation

reconstructing the lost history of ASC


Plenary: Concern for Implications to Educational Praxis

Jeanette Bopry

Implications of Reconceptualizing the Term 'Information' for Educational Technology

Sonia MacPherson

Ecological creativity, refle(x)ive pra(x)is, and "the real world" of education

2:00- 4:00

Plenary: Comments from the Round Tables

A representative chosen by each thematic group makes a 10-15 minute presentation of insights, concerns and whatever else is pertinent or conduciveto a plenary discussion.

Kathleen Forsythe: closing remarks


round tables may elect to continue their conversations