Evening Program


A visit to a Heurigen

For the first evening of the Conference we have reserved space in a Heurigen — a traditional Viennese wine-garden. You will have a chance to sit and chat with other participants as you order from an "à la carte" menu.

Heinz, the Magician

Heinz von Foerster understood the connection between magic and physics, and spent time with both. He engaged with both, and became an accomplished magician who entertained many with his illusions.

In respect for this aspect of Heinz we have invited the internationally acclaimed master magician Christian. Among others he has worked together with Paul Watzlawick and has found ways of presenting the relationship between "reality" and "illusion" and "subjective experience" in a manner that makes sense in a management context.

An Evening with Magician Christian, including a buffet dinner.

EUR 25 +20% tax

Please book in advance