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2005 Conference

Washington, D.C.
OCTOBER 27 - 30, 2005

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Formatting Instructions for Papers

Title of Paper (14 points bold, all caps, center)

Authors' names (12 points, bold, center)

Affiliation, addresses (10 points, center)

E-mail or http (10 points, center)


Abstract (12 points bold)

Instructions for preparation of papers to be included in the ASC Proceeding are described. In order to make the proceedings look as uniform as possible, the following instructions should be followed closely. (12 points)

Keywords (12 points bold): Five keywords. (12 points, italic)

1 Introduction (12 points bold)

The paper should contain a maximum of 10 pages (4.000 words). The paper should include: the title, authors names, affiliation, addresses, e-mail or http, an abstract, five keywords, which best describe the paper, and references. (12 points)

2 Printing Area (12 points bold)

For the main text the 12-point Times New Roman font size is to be used. Use paper format A4: 21 x 29.7 cm. The left margin is 2.5 cm and the right margin 2 cm. The top and bottom margins are 3 cm. The text should be in one column.

Put one blank line between paragraphs, but no indents at the beginning. The text should be justified to occupy the full line width, so that the right margin is not ragged.

Headings should be capitalized (i.e., nouns, verbs and all other words with at least five letters should have a capital initial) and should, with the exception of the title (center), be aligned to the left, as follows:

TITLE (center, 14 points, bold)

1 First Level Heading (12 points, bold)

1.1 Second Level Heading (12 points, bold)

1.1.1 Third Level Heading (12 points, bold)

2.2 Figures and Equations

2.2.1 Figures

All figures should be pasted into the manuscript and centered between the margins. Refer to your figures in your paper (Figure 1). Ideally include figures in the word file for the paper or send them as separate jpg, gif, png, ppt, cdr or other graphics files. The lettering of figures should be 12-point bold. Figures should be numbered, named, and centered between the margins as follows:

Figure 3. Text follows (12 points, bold)

2.2.2 Equations

Numberings of equations are at the right margin. In the text the reference to equations can be written as eq. or e.g. 1, 2 for several equations:

X( t + 1 ) = F(..., X( t ), X( t + 1 ), ... )      (1)

2.3 Page Numbering

Pages must not be numbered. Numbers are decided by the Proceeding editor. There also should be no running heads.

Acknowledgement (12 points, bold)

An earlier version of these formatting instructions were obtained from Matjaz Mulej. They were used for the recent WOSC and Socio-cybernetics conference in Maribor, Slovenia.

References (12 points, bold)

References in the text are to be described as (Mulej, 1999) or as described in Rebernik (2000). More than one reference (Kajzer, 1992, 1994; Mulej, 1995). For references at the end of the paper the following style is to be used (12 points):

  1. Mulej, M. (1979), Creative Work and the Dialectical Systems Theory. Razvojni center, Celje.
  2. Rebernik, M. (1997), "Beyond Markets, Hierarchies and Ownership-Mania in Transitional Countries". Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Vol. 14, No. 3.
  3. Rebernik, M., Mulej, M., Kajzer, S. (1996), "Entrepreneurship and Management in the Light of Systems Thinking". Rebernik, M., Mulej, M. (eds.): Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Linking Systems Thinking, Innovation, Quality and Entrepreneurship STIQE '96, EPF, Maribor.

Endnotes (11 points, bold, all caps) All notes should be put at the end of the text as endnotes. (10 points)

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Conference Coordinator Stuart Umpleby.

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