ASC 2016 Conference Schedule


Wednesday June 1
9:00 to 3:00 Pre-conference tutorial Larry Richards?/Michael Lissack
An Introduction to Cybernetics
Thursday June 2
9:00 General Business Meeting of ASC
10:00 Opening Michael Lissack
11:00 Paper Pille Bunnell
11:30 Discussions Small Groups
1:00 Lunch On Your Own
2:00 Performance Tom Scholte
2:30 Keynote Ron Schultz
3:30 Paper Lance Nizami
4:00 Paper John Inman
4:30 Discussions Small Groups
6:00 Panel on Praxis Bill Reckmeyer, John Benson, et al
8:00 Banquet To Be Announced
Friday June 3
8:30 Paper Sanwar Sunny
9:00 Paper Cliff Joslyn
9:30 Keynote Bill Reckmeyer
10:30 Discussions Small Groups
12:00 LUNCH On Your Own
1:00 Performance Joel Barker & James Schreier
2:00 Paper Lou Kauffman
2:30 Keynote Judi Lombardi
3:30 Discussions Small Groups
5:00 Group Session on 2nd order science ALL
6:30 Dinner On Your Own
7:30 Performance Marla Elliot & chorus Seven Jewish Children

Evergreen Experimental Music Ensemble: Silver  Swan (Orlando Gibbons), Vowelscape (Chris Mercer)

Lisa Fay: Likety Split for two actors (Jeff Glassman & Mark Enslin)

Chris Mann things i’d like to have said

Saturday   June 4
9:00 Paper Faisal Kadri
9:30 Paper Pille Bunnell
10:00 Keynote Hugo Letiche
10:30 Discussions Small Groups
12:30 LUNCH On Your Own
1:30 Paper Philip Baron
2:00 Paper Thomas Fischer
2:30 Keynote Stuart Kauffman
3:30 Discussions Small Groups
5:00 Group Session — Questions for Conversation Theory Paul Pangaro
6:30 Dinner On Your Own
7:30 Performance Mark Sullivan: PolygonSoundPostscripts

Ben Kapp: Dailies

Herbert Brun: Futility 1964

Paul Pangaro: Worlds Without Conversation for performer EEME Ernst Toch and John Cage

Arun Chandra: An Untitled Poem

Jeff Glassman & Lisa Fay New Work for two actors

Sunday  June 5
9:30 Paper Lance Nizami
10:00 Paper Tom Scholte
10:30 Keynote Gerald Midgley
11:30 Group Session ALL

2:00  End of Conference