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Audio and Video Material on Cybernetics and Systems

On this page you can find various audio and audiovisual materials related to cybernetics and systems. This page will grow in the future and you can help us by letting us know of additional online material that we should link here.

New Books in Systems and Cybernetics

The New Books in Systems and Cybernetics Podcast hosted by Tom Scholte.

Cybernetics Related Video Collections

We are re-organising the ASC YouTube channel to make it easier for newcomers to cybernetics and experts.

If you have suggestions or links to relevant material, please let us know. We thank you for your contributions.

ASC related publications

Publications page

  • A directory (Stuart A. Umpleby, Klaus Krippendorff)
  • ASC Newsletter PATTERNS, 1998-2009
  • ASC Cybernetic newsletter, 80s
  • and other collections

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