Museum of Cybernetic Objects

One form of participation we have developed over recent years has involved conferees making and bringing objects with them that help announce who they are and which give everyone an explicitly creative outlet. In 2010 it was a standard or banner (such a medieval knights had); in 2011 a necktie; in 2013 a musical instrument which we used in a riotous group improvisation.

This year we invite you to find or make some object that somehow captures an essence of how you understand cybernetics. We ask you also to bring a short text, on card, that may be placed with your object, explaining why you chose it. We will lay out these objects so that they form a sort of Museum of Cybernetic Objects. There will be a chance to explore these objects at a “ public Opening” and for each contributor to further explain their object to those interested. We hope to build a catalog we can publish as an ebook, so we will ask you also to submit your text in electronic form.