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Marcus J. Carney

Marcus J. Carney


Biographical Info: Marcus J. Carney is a US-Austrian writer, director, actor & consultant, who works in various ways at justifying himself as a “somatic philosopher” in the future. He studied film and holds a Master’s degree in directing. His award-winning film The End Of The Neubacher Project, a long-term documentary eight years in the making, was screened at film festivals world-wide, invited to conferences on memory politics and presented at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC). He is a graduate of the four-year training program at the SySt Institute for systemic education, training and research (Munich). Based on the SySt approach he is developing & cultivating TCC Transverbal Character Creation and TD Transverbal Design.


What is Cybernetics? …. was the question at the pre-conference workshop today, Aug 3 2014. A raw idea I went in with, on how to explain cybernetics to myself, became a little clearer:

Using Wittgenstein’s notion at the end of the Tractatus of a transition from saying to showing, I would add the third position of letting show. Navigating between saying, showing and letting show…. that’s what cybernetics is for me.