ASC 2020 Global Conversation – Session ASC05

Theme 5: Playing with Beauty, Good, Truth, and Economy: Are they  necessary and sufficient determinants of social systems?

Saturday September 12 2020

Duration: 1 hour

Starting at: Sydney 4am+1day, Shanghai 2am+1day, Moscow 9pm, London 7pm, Frankfurt 8pm, Sao Paulo 3pm, New York 2pm, Chicago 1pm, Vancouver 11am

In this panel we consider different perspectives on and dimension of the notions  Beauty, Truth, Good and Economy.  The question we begin with is whether these four are both necessary and sufficient for determining the nature of any social system.   We can view the four distinctions as a model, and play with that model.  We can do so poetically, avoiding arrogance and hubris. Even so we can consider the model as relevant to our experience of being alive, and whether indeed playing with it can create the conditions for emergence.  As we are inevitably brought to consider our contributions to the social system, to our world, we implicitly or explicitly look to the local and particular as well as the conceptual and abstract. 

The ideas presented by each of the panel members have evolved in conversation, not only with each other over the last few weeks, but also along each of our lives and in our respective communities.  We have each submitted a recording of some of our thoughts, as audio or video.  We sincerely invite you to join our conversation.


  • Pille Bunnell, Retired Educator 

Part I

Part II


  • Clare Attwell, Textile Artist
  • Isabella Pierson, Filmmaker
  • Marc Pierson, Resilient Communities
  • Kavita Tanna, Cofounder of

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