ASC 2020 Global Conversation – Session ASC10

Theme 10: Cybernetics and Artistic Inquiry

Sunday September 13 2020

Duration: 1 hourStarting at: Sydney 4am+1day, Shanghai 2am+1day, Moscow 9pm, London 7pm, Frankfurt 8pm, Sao Paulo 3pm, New York 2pm, Chicago 1pm, Vancouver 11am


  • Tom Scholte, University of British Columbia


  • Steve Valk, Radical Institute for Cybernetic Epistemology
  • Steve Dixon, Lasalle College

Cybernetic Existentialism

  • Bill Seaman, Duke University

Recombinant Poetics: A second-order cybernetic history – selected interactive works by Seaman exploring differing strategies of interaction via circular causality

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