A Causal Ontology of Nature
by Angus Jenkinson

April 18, 2021, 9:00 PT, 12:00 ET, 18:00 CET

ASC Speaker series: Cybernetics and humans’ knowing



Lecture presentation: From Determinism to Determination: Revising the Causal Ontology of Nature

When considering the significance of the revolution that cybernetics brought to the meta-paradigm of science, it may be useful to re-consider the cybernetics of causality and its radical implications. During his presentation Jenkins will introduce a framework for doing so.

According to Jenkins, the implications of such a model underpin practices of prediction, planning and intervention into the social and natural order. He argues that without clarity about the natural orders of causal flow and nexus, many fail to tackle major issues of our era in concert.

This introduction will focus on clarifying the proposed causal orders enabling the conversation to further explore implications and responses. An interesting aspect is a potentially useful review of the notion of “second-order” in cybernetics.

Participant’s bio

Angus Jenkinson’s studies in literature, business organization, scientific consciousness and education. His practice as a teacher include; computing, information systems, executive leadership; service and organization consultancy. He conducts independent research into integrated cybernetic organizing and viable life of corporate organizations (propriopoiesis). He is also the Secretary of the UK-based Cybernetics Society. He has published four books and exhibited photography internationally.

Angus Jenkinson


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