The American Society for Cybernetics seeks to recognize and acknowledge merit among both the population of ASC members and the broader population of people whose work relates to the field of cybernetics. To this end, the ASC makes provision for the following forms of recognition that may be bestowed:

Membership Status: ASC Fellow

ASC Fellow (ASCF) status is accorded an ASC member in recognition of contributions to the field of cybernetics. ASC Fellow designation is an addendum to regular ASC membership that extends in perpetuity for years in which the Fellow maintains ASC membership. See also: Membership.

Honorary Membership Status: ASC Honorary Fellow

ASC Honorary Fellow (ASCF) status is accorded someone who is not an ASC member in recognition of his / her contributions to the field of cybernetics from another field or discipline. ASC Honorary Fellow designation represents an honorary non-paying status that continues in perpetuity. ASC Honorary Fellows are accorded membership benefits but no voting privileges.

ASC Award: Norbert Wiener Medal

The Wiener Medal will be awarded to people who have made a major and prolonged contribution to cybernetics, in any number of ways: for instance, through original work; and through extensive support. The Wiener medal acknowledges achievement.

ASC Award: Warren McCulloch Award

The McCulloch Award will be awarded to a young academic at or near the beginning of their career for work of distinction and promise. The McCulloch award recognizes promise.
Nominations for ASC Fellow status and / or the Wiener and McCulloch Awards are to be submitted to the Nominating Committee, who in turn may forward the nomination for final approval by the Executive Board.
Nominations for ASC Honorary Fellow originate with the Nominating Committee itself.

Nomination Procedure

We invite nominations for our awards and for fellowships of the society from all our members. We are also inviting suggestions from those whose membership has recently lapsed. Nominations should be emailed to the Nominating Committee.

Nominations will be considered by the Nominating Committee of the ASC, and recommendations will be passed to the Executive Board.

Nominations should be submitted in accordance with the following protocol:

  • Each nomination should be submitted as a discrete document or section within a document.
  • Each nomination should be prepared on its own separate page, one suggestion per page.
  • Nominations should be submitted as word processor or text files attached to submission emails.
  • Recommended file types are ASCII text, Microsoft Word, or Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Each nomination sheet should contain:
    • the name of the proposer and the name of the proposed (be sure to distinguish).
    • the date of the proposal,
    • the nature of the award suggested (Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Wiener Medal, McCulloch Award)
    • the reasons justifying the proposal (max 300 words)

NOTE: Please check that your nominee meets the stated criteria for the given recognition category (e.g., Fellows must be ASC members).

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