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The ASC will participate in WOSC 2021

September 27-29, 2021 — Moscow

Invitation to Contribute

The ASC will participate in WOSC in Moscow to 2021. See One theme will be “Philosophical and methodological foundations for the development of the systems approach and cybernetics” and another will be “Systems science, cybernetics and art.” 

WOSC asks for 250-500 word Abstracts to be submitted by January 31. See You submit by opening an account at 

It is critical that you submit something by the January 31 deadline even if you are unsure about your attendance. ASC is NOT in charge of the WOSC portion of the event and we are powerless to get you an exception re the dates. There will translators and a large audience during the WOSC portion of the event. There will be no translators and only an intimate audience during the ASC controlled 3 hour ASC event. Thus, if you want your contribution to have maximal impact you need to comply with the WOSC January 31 deadline. You can always decide later not to attend. Yes, we will have a separate process if you find yourself needing to present only at the ASC event. 

ASC members are encouraged to stay at: Holiday Inn Express Moscow – Paveletskaya. You are further encouraged to make a cancellable booking in advance of applying for a visa. Cancellable bookings are available at and See or 

Visas can take 60 plus days to process. All visa applications require a formal invitation letter. The formal letter will lock in your travel dates and there can be NO early arrivals or later departures. If you wish to travel to other cities in Russia as part of your trip you will need exact dates. For ease in making travel arrangements, we recommend the following for ASC members: 

Go to and follow the instructions. This is a service that provides both invitation letters and visas for US and Canadian citizens. 

ASC members can also apply for a formal invitation letter from the WOSC website at Note this second process takes 60-90 days while the first process takes 20 minutes. 

ASC members are asked to consider the following call from WOSC as amended to reflect the ASC 2021 meeting: 

Call for Participation 

WOSC 2021 and ASC invite participants to discuss alternatives of observers in human activities, starting from a modernist approach of external observers accepting an objective reality, continuing with observer-participants, as interacting agents constructing their situational realities, and extending all this to an increased awareness of the complexity of the contextual constraints imposed by the structural coupling of systemic and environmental agents in co-evolution in ecosystemic chains. 

Awareness of complexity offers the opportunities to overcome chaos and develop the functionality and coherence of societies. These meta-contextual aspects are not directly focused on actors and agents, but on the framing of their free unfolding of situation-environment interactions. This way we invite to reflect on aspects of societal significance, such as ecological chains, constrained resources, as well as economic inequalities that limit fairness and justice. WOSC 2021 wants to make inroads into the mechanisms shaping interactions, communications and relationships in complex systems, whether communities, enterprises, government agencies, small businesses or families. In particular, we want to offer an opportunity for Congress participants to enhance philosophical reflections and contribute with empirical approaches their practical experiences in the life-world of societal, ecological and economic situations. We invite methodological debates about social boundaries, systemic structures and communication mechanisms to influence good practice and improve people’s contributions to society. 

ASC members are asked to submit contributions which can be discussed in any of five sub-themes. Contributions can take the form of papers (to be distributed in advance and then discussed at the conference), 20 minute presentations, and posters. Alternate contribution formats are open for discussion with the indicated leaders of the sub-themes. ASC will be having its own half-day session either on Sept. 15 or Sept 19 (the exact date to be determined by July 1). Contributions which have not otherwise been presented or discussed during the Theme 1 meetings will be presented during the ASC session.

The five subthemes are as follows: 

  1. Systemic approaches and cybernetics: philosophical and methodological bases of development
  2. Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity
  3. The implications of CyberSystemics in Science and Society
  4. Organization Theory in a CyberSystemic World
  5. Systems science, cybernetics and art.

Instructions for submittals are at Submissions not accepted as part of the WOSC proceedings will be eligible to be presented during the separate ASC proceeding. 

Please save the dates, SUBMIT an Abstract by January 31, and thanks for your interest and contributions. 

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