An Ecology of Ideas – We invite you to come and explore an ecology of ideas with us!

Our ideas form, grow, and thrive in relationship. Ideas inspire and transform each other and their bio-cultural medium. New ones emerge unexpectedly, some persist, some change, and some are lost, as if they were living.

Gregory Bateson in Asilomar, 1979 (Photo: C. Hartley)

Gregory Bateson in Asilomar, 1979 (Photo: C. Hartley)

The American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) and Bateson Idea Group (BIG) come together to hold a conference on the relations among ideas as seen from multiple perspectives. We come from many disciplines but have common roots including cybernetics, circularity, reflexivity, language, culture and systems. For many of us these roots are enmeshed with biology, information, pattern, design, art, aesthetics, ethics and more.

In a world rife with factionalism and disenchantment, we will engage in conversations to integrate disciplines of knowing while taking into account our histories and considering our futures. We will regard both the parts and the whole that arises from the relations between the parts — and thus becomes the context for all the parts. We are concerned with the world that arises from how we live our ideas.

ASC and BIG have common interests in dynamic systems of thought, wisdom and learning. We accept that there are many views and value exploring the relationships between them, rather than in insisting that any view is “right”.

            In the ecology of mind
            ideas are alive

                  Out of newness,
                  change and dissipation
                  Generative thinking

                        An ecology of ideas
                        arises from
                        our living language

poems by Kathleen Forsythe

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