The Bateson Idea Group (BIG)

The Bateson Idea Group is a nonprofit organization which was formed to cultivate and engage in thinking as exemplified by the ideas of Gregory Bateson. It can be thought of as a matrix for anyone who is using Gregory Bateson’s ideas to exchange thoughts and research. BIG offers a meeting place for people who want to discuss, and create, projects that fall under the wide reaching scope of “Bateson Ideas”. BIG welcomes all disciplines, cultures, ages, levels of education and all “differences that make a difference” to join in this process.

As Gregory Bateson’s work has impacted many different disciplines, BIG was formed to provide ongoing educational projects that utilize and protect the Bateson materials and to assist in raising funds for their maintenance.

The Ecology of Ideas conference signifies the emergence and premiere of BIG as an active nonprofit organization.

The American Society for Cybernetics (ASC)

The American Society for Cybernetics is concerned with the promotion of cybernetics as basis for an interdisciplinary discourse that propagates understanding of circular and reflexive systems, their designers’, actors’, observers’, and investigators’ roles, and how change affects all via interrelationship and interactivity.

The ASC thus affirms cybernetics’ principles and values in any domain thus addressed. Our members have come from many disciplines including both natural and social sciences as well as philosophy and the arts. They are academics and practitioners, and they find both a commonality and surprising inspiration in their discourse.

The American Society for Cybernetics has been holding conferences on many topics since 1964. Given the rich diversity of ideas that are of interest to members of the ASC, the set of three interconnected themes of Paradigm, Recursion and Praxis serves as the focus for this conference concerned with the “ecology” of connections among ideas.

International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)

The International Society for Systems Science (ISSS) will be holding its own conference from July 15 to 20, in nearby San Jose, California.

Over the years, the ASC and ISSS have grown a collaborative relationship. We share many members, and we frequently contribute to each other’s conferences. Since this year our conferences are back-to-back, and in the same part of the world, we are offering a reduction of USD100 in total registration fees for those who register for both conferences. The ISSS is generously coordinating online conference registration payments, for both the Ecology of Ideas and their own conference, either singly or together.