Conversations are ubiquitous; the concerns people have with many conferences is that there is a lack of adequate space for conversation. On the other hand, attempts at creating planned conversation spaces can fail to tread the delicate balance between people feeling processed and people feeling a lack of focus.

In this conference we will offer two types of spaces for conversation. The first is simply “space” for spontaneous conversations. The Asilomar venue is replete with many comfortable spaces for small groups to assemble themselves spontaneously, or according to an inspired invitation.

Second, we will book particular times and spaces for topic or theme based conversations. These will be seeded with one or more short presentations, or be organized around specific papers that will have been made available in advance to those who wish to participate.

The specific times and locations for planned conversations will be posted on the conference schedule after 31-May-2012. Locations and times for spontaneous conversations will be posted as they arise, on site.

If you wish to convene a conversation group, or have suggestions for one you would like to see organized, please contact the Conference Committee.