Proceedings Submission

There are 2 elements to our process and a third, separate matter we are involved in:

1. Schedule

Call for papers: Sunday August 12, 2012

Notification of intention to submit a paper: Sunday August 26, 2012 (reply to

Submission of papers for refereeing: Sunday September 30, 2012

Deciding and contacting referees with anonymised papers: Sunday October 14, 2012

Return of referees reports: Sunday November 11, 2012

Writing of reconciliations by Sunday December 2, 2012

Papers returned, reworked in response to referees’ reviews: Sunday January 6, 2013

Redistribution of revised papers to referees for checking: Sunday January 20, 2013

Return of revised papers with referees’ clearance to publish: Sunday February 3, 2013

Writing of necessary reconciliations: Sunday February 17, 2013

Return of finalised papers, in certified Kybernetes format: Sunday 3 March, 2013.

Publication in numbers 9 and 10 of next year’s issue of Kybernetes.

We use a double loop, double blind refereeing process, which, together with the stages of refereeing of abstracts and participation in the conference, means we have a very stringent refereeing process. There will be 2 referees per paper. Reviews of papers will contain elements of both judgement and tutorial.

Please note: Kybernetes is now managed through an electronic paper processing system, ScholarOne. All submissions after the notification of intention to submit a paper will be handled through this system.

Please put these dates in your diary.

2. Paper Specification

Papers will be no more than 3000 words, including title, author, references, abstract and keywords. Note, Kybernetes uses structured abstracts.

Papers may contain no more than 8 diagrams or charts, which can only appear in black and white, with unsubtle shades of grey. (You may use colours for the online version.) Diagrams should be your own originals. If you use someone else’s visual material, you must obtain copyright clearance: this is your responsibility.

The English to be used is British English (North American authors please note). It is the author’s responsibility to make sure that the English is corrected by a native English speaker, where appropriate, and that the spelling checker is set to British English.

The preferred writing style is simple English, using short sentences and avoiding unnecessary technical vocabulary. We aim for comprehensibility, and the readers of Kybernetes come from a wide range of different backgrounds.

Any proposed variations should be discussed with the editorial panel. There is little room for manoeuvre if we are to get all papers into the double issue. Exceptions will be granted only exceptionally.

3. Paper Award

The publishers of Kybernetes have provided an award for the best paper. This will be judged using the the following procedure:

Members of the editorial team will chose the best paper each has read/handled. This is the first stage jury.

These will be sent to a jury consisting of Magnus Ramage (editor in chief of Kybernetes), Pille Bunnell (conference co-ordinator) and me (as chair). This is the second stage jury.

Kybernetes Information

You can obtain general information about Kybernetes here.

You can learn about the journal’s stye requirements etc (for which you are responisble) from the Author Guidelines, here.

A formal letter of acceptance will be sent to all authors whose abstracts are accepted by the committee as soon as possible after 12-May; and definitely by 21-May. Please feel free to correspond with the conference committee if you have further questions.