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We have arranged for two types of accommodation to be available to conferees and their partners and families. Both are student accommodation. Orlando Village is more basic, Pack Horse has both a larger (4 ft, 1.20m) bed which will sleep 2 rather cosily, and an en suite bathroom.

In addition, there are two hotels in Bolton which are relatively near the site. They are:

Other hotels are a taxi ride away. You can check them out here.

There are frequent trains from Bolton into Salford and Manchester. You may find many options in these places, should what is available in Bolton not suit your needs.

We advise you to book soon. We have discovered that the week of our conference(s) is the week of the “Bolton Iron Man” event. (Perhaps they’ll change it to Bolton Bionic Man, in our honour!)

The conference organisers will not act as middlemen in arranging accommodation. It is up to conferees to make their own arrangements, including deposits and payments, directly with accommodation providers.