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Sound and Vision

We invite each conferee to make, decorate and bring with them a home-designed and constructed musical instrument. By a musical instrument, we mean something with which you will want to make sounds with other people. It may be any type of instrument, but you should be able to tell a story about it, reflecting who you are. We invite you to keep in mind that others will be playing along with you and should not be drowned out by your sounds.

These instruments serve 3 purposes:

First, we will play them in a structured improvisation, a way of beginning to work together and to lose some of our inhibitions. In the past we have done this by singing (see here and here), and even the most reluctant singers have found it valuable.

Second, we will place the instruments on exhibition. The ASC has always been interested in the arts (at recent ASC conferences participants introduced themselves with self-made standards and ties), and this allows us all to give a place to the arts that belongs to all of us who join the conference.

Third, we will find a time for each conferee to share his/her story with other conferees.