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ALU Conference Follow-Up

A conference follow-up document if available here. It covers the publication of proceedings, the 2014 conference(s) and other points. Please take a look.

Questions Arising from the Conference

Questions arising from the conference – re-typed by Michael Hohl and Thomas Fischer: How should we act, learn and understand in order to act, learn and understand better? Bill Olivier What are the differences between acting – learning – understanding in individual etc. and system etc.? anon What just happened? Bernard How do I know …

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Presentations After Work Session 2.1

Presentation hand-outs

Here are some photo impressions of the presentations after work session 2.1 on Wednesday afternoon.

Beginner’s Tutorial: White Board Photo

The white board as found after the Beginner's Tutorial.

Here is a photo of the white board as it was left after Ranulph Glanville’s Cybernetics for Beginners Tutorial .

Performance Evening

Mark Johnson

Here are some impressions of the performances offered on the evening of Tuesday, 30-Jul-2013. First, Bill Seaman performed a generative piece: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Graham Clark performed with his violin. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Then Graham Clark and Mark Johnson improvised together on violin and electronic piano. [Audio …

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Work Session 1.1

A presentation after session 1.1

Here are some impression form work session 1.1 and the following presentations.

Special Activity

On the morning of the first day of the main conference (Tuesday, 30-Jul-2013), facilitated by Mark Johnson and others, conference participants engaged in a sound-making activity using self-made musical instruments. A sound recording will be posted here shortly.

Trojan Horses

Incredible Book! Very much enjoying it! My best to all of the authors! Bill

I hope to elaborate a short sentence or paragraph for each as part of the ”Conversation” conference book

Acting Learning Understanding Understanding Learning Action The qualities of a Mobius strip — suggestion of process / flow / simultaneity Cut a Mobius strip down the middle and it becomes two interlocking loops Cut across a Mobius strip and the static examples surface The cut up method (poetics) Recombinant Poetics Recombinant Informatics Action applied to …

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Some Approaches to Tacit and Intuitive Knowledge Exploration – possible class

Class would explore different tacit abilities (or perhaps they are not only tacit but relate to knowledge acquisition in general) and seek to develop them or make one aware of them… The ability: To listen and articulate concisely what someone has said. To teach back this information. To discuss an issue with someone from a …

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