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Post-Conference (2Aug-3Aug)

The Post-conference (Friday 02-Aug to Saturday 03-Aug-2013) provides a chance for conferees to reflect together on the conference, on what has been and what might be learnt. It also provides a chance for us move forward: if we have found new questions, we may begin to find answers for them. This may lead to some distinct and identifiable outcome: the 2010 conference in Troy, NY lead to the publication of a book “Trojan Horses” (ed R. Glanville), Vienna, echoraum|WISDOM, 2013 and the creation of a video that may be viewed through this link C:ADM2010 by Lev Ledit and Judy Lombardi.

Often, conferees leave conferences with complaints that there were few chances to consider what we learnt, either individually or in a group. The Post-conference is an attempt to alleviate this, so that we can better move forward.

To registered conferees there is no charge for attending the Post-conference.