Landfillharmonic Orchestra

Magnus Ramage sent me this link, of musical instruments made from material found in landfill sites

It’s inspiring and amazing.

Last minute reminder

This is a last minute reminder, and I’m sorry to repeat myself, especially to those who have already acted. But I know how busy we can all be and how deadlines creep past us without us noticing.


In 24 hours we will close the option to ask to make a formal presentation of your paper (noon UK time, July 24).

If you want to do this, please make sure you have selected that option (you can find instructions in the blog and/or previous messages).

Please note, however, that if all 22 of you who have submitted paper abstracts want to make a presentation we will have you will get a maximum of 15 minutes each, with no leeway. So please consider very carefully before opting in: is a formal presentation actually essential to you?


Also, please sign up for tutorials if you want them. Those giving them put a lot of effort into preparation (for no pay) and it would be nice for them to have a good group of participants.


Don’t forget to sign up for the dinner, if you want to attend, and to advise us of special needs, if you’ve not done so.

Best Wishes,


Conference Booklet

Here is a downloadable PDF version of the 70+ page ASC2013 conference booklet. Printed versions will be available to participants in Bolton.

ALU conference update 21.07.2013

Just about a week to go! I hope you are looking forward to meeting in Bolton, as I am. We now have a good looking group of 50 conferees from a wide background, as you can see on the web site (go to people >> participants).

The conference book has been laid out and looks good. It is uptodate with all who had joined the conference by late Saturday night.

We should be in for an interesting and exciting time.


Let me ask you again to indicate any special needs, if you want to formally present your paper proposal (in the case that you made one), and if you want to come to the dinner. Also, whether you want to attend the tutorials we are offering. This should be done by noon, UK time, on 24 July. Thank you.


I have been asked to give a tutorial on the subject of ”Objects”. These were the invention of my cybernetics PhD of 40 years ago and have remained strangely obscure. I am currently looking into whether this could be done before the post-conference begins on Friday 2 August. There will be no need to sign up for this one.


Some of you may think that the request to make a musical instrument and bring it with you is a terrible imposition. One attendee just wrote to me thus:

I had this initial annoyance at the request to make a musical instrument: however ”one more thing, I’m feeling imposed on” has shifted to engagement and enjoyment! So thank you. Thank you for both the enjoyment and the bemusement at my own shifting in position.

I replied:

I’m glad you did it. There are 3 points to this request. It gives us something to do together at the start, and something we have made to talk about. It gets us involved in making (acting), which most academics have forgotten all about, and in this is preparation for the conference. And it’s about enjoyment. When people don’t let go, don’t release control, they don’t get that type of enjoyment: but it’s at the root of creativity.

I hope you’ll give it a go, suspending disbelief (and irritation!). We will be talking about and playing our musical instruments at the start of the conference. I made mine today entirely out of household items we had at home. It’s called ”The Bipluck Doubledogophone”.


Please also check and add comments to the Expressions of Interest and paper proposals of other participants (people >> participants on the web site). Doing this helps us start not as strangers!


Finally, I think you might enjoy this link sent to me by the same person who wrote to me about the imposition turning out to be enjoyable:

Best Wishes,


PS this message will also be posted on the conference blog.

Update to conference 16 July

Our meeting approaches and I look forward very much to welcoming you in Bolton.

There are a number of points and reminders that I need to send you, some of which are urgent. I will also post this message on the blog on the website. Please do check the site out and add your comments to the general blog, and to individuals both about their Expressions of Interest and, particularly, about their paper proposals.

I have written using colour and capitals NOT to shout at you, but to try to help you see what each point concerns and thus to move effectively through the text.


• We are about to take your BIOGRAPHY, EXPRESSION OF INTEREST, PAPER PROPOSAL (IF ANY), AND YOUR PHOTO from your Profile page on the conference description website to compile the conference booklet very soon. Please ensure that your data is as up-to-date and as complete as possible. In particular, please ensure that your photo is uploaded (showing at the bottom of your profile page) and at least 600px wide. If your image is showing at a smaller size, or if you would like to upload a different image for some other reason, you can use the ”Choose file” botton and then the ”Update My ASC 2013 Profile” button at the bottom of your profile page. To allow time for booklet production, YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS ACTION BY midday Thursday 24 July, UK time.

* You will need to make your DINNER RESERVATION by midday Thursday 24 July, UK time. The dinner will include the John Beishon Memorial Lecture, donated by the Open University, and given by Noam Cook. It will also include some surprise performances.

If you are unsure whether you have booked for dinner or not, you should consult your invoice which was emailed to you when you paid. You can also sign on again at the registration site and look at your record. It’s probably best to do this from the main conference information site.

• If you have any SPECIAL NEEDS, you should tell us by midday Thursday 24 July, UK time.

• If you want to make a formal PAPER PRESENTATION, you should tell us by midday Thursday 24 July, UK time.

• Please also sign up for TUTORIALS on Monday 29 July by midday Thursday 24 July, UK time.

If you have DIFFICULTIES with any of these, please contact the ASC Secretary , again by midday Thursday 24 July, UK time, or EARLIER (he has a long journey to join us). There were instructions in the last 2 messages I sent.

• We will be using our MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, both to talk about them and to play together, so please don’t delay in making yours. We believe it is important you make your own instrument for several reasons, including to reconnect with acting and because what we make and talk about can be such a good introduction to who we are.

I am pleased to inform you that that the PERFORMANCE EVENING now has a number of performances scheduled by Mark Johnson. There will be an exciting program that we will release at the conference opening. If you feel you have a performance you would like to present, please contact our events organiser, Mark Johnson

We are considering an offer to visit to the Steam Museum in Bolton. There is not really any obvious time available, but we are looking (for instance) into the possibility of visiting at the close of the post-conference, or as an alternative to Blackpool, if the weather is difficult.

Roll on Acting, Learning, Understanding!

Best Wishes,


Paper proposals: Comments

Dear all,
i like this website and all the effort that has been invested in making it informative and convenient to use. Thank you for that, Tom, and all the others that are involved.

I have had difficulties finding other attendees paper proposals, and i am posting this here instead of contacting you directly, as other attendees may have difficulties as well.

In the last years it was possible – i think – from any page to see what was going on regarding comments on paper proposals. This was quite helpful as it added a kind of buzz and sense of vibrancy to the website.

So how do i find other attendees paper proposals and Expressions of interest?
I just found out that it is possible to get there, once you are logged-in, via ”People” > ”Participants”.

update on conference events 10 July 2013

Here is the further conference news I promised you in my message on Monday. Those on the conference database (not always quite uptodate) will receive this message as an email, as well.

First, the tutorials we are offering are now on line, and you can select. There is an all day beginner’s path (really for beginners), and there is a morning and an afternoon tutorial for the more advanced: select one, the other, or both. But please don’t mix beginners and advanced, and please only book the beginners if you are a beginner. Look for pre-conference, under the Conference tab, and then take the correct sideways link. Numbers are limited and lists will be closed when full.

Second, I can now announce details of the lecture being given in memory of John Beishon at the conference dinner (1 August). Please not the new entry, Conference Dinner, under the Participation tab, where you can find the details.

Third, I can also confirm that Bettina Nuernberg will be making a film of the whole event.

Finally, I can assure you that we have checked that all of the conference accommodation includes towels! BUT, if you want to use the university swimming pool, which we believe will cost £3.00 per session, do bring a towel as well as a swimming costume.

I notice that, as I send this message, the comments to papers,, statements of interest and on the blog are pretty invisible. Do please start using this resource. Let’s do what we can to meet before we meet!

Best Wishes,

Ranulph Glanville
ASC President,
Conference co-chair.

Conference blog is now open for all participants

This conference blog is now open for all conference participants to get in touch with each other, to post ideas and suggestions, and to comment on each others’ thoughts and contributions. Please note that each Expression of Interest and each Paper Proposal has its own dedicated comments section, linked on the Participants page. Enjoy!