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Now a few more questions… about fear and criticality

At least one more question relating to the ”nature of discussion” controversy… 1. What is the fear that sits behind the desire to coerce a particular form of discussion? 2. What is the desire that causes us to wield words like ”contract”? 3. Can a conference programme ever be considered as a ’contract’? How far …

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Musical Instrument fun with Bungle, Zippy and George

With thanks to Tim Goddard of Bolton for this, but UK delegates might remember to popular TV childrens programme called ’Rainbow’. For US delegates, this was a gentle Sesame-Street style programme. For the actors who played ’Zippy’, ’George’, ’Bungle’, and Geoffrey, years of talking to 5-year olds took its toll: they let off steam by …

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My questions

Hi everyone, looks like the conference has started! There are some questions the paper presentation issue raises for me which I’ll be thinking about next week: 1. Where is the distinction between ’chit-chat’ and ’academic discourse’ as conversation? 2. Where does theory sit in conversation? 3. What is the role of the academy in cybernetics? …

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