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Ranulph Glanville

Ranulph Glanville

Research Senior Tutor and Professor, Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art, London
Senior Professor of Research Design, LUCA faculty, Catholic University of Leuven
Owner, CybernEthics Research

Email: ranulph@mac.com

Biographical Info: Over the past 20 years I have played the role of a vagrant, peripatetic, itinerant professor of odd-jobs, at universities around the world. I have brought cybernetic understandings to these odd-jobs, an have developed them as ways of studying and acting mainline in developing attitudes to both design and design research.

I am curious, interested in many things, not inclined to be restrained by arbitrary boundaries. My hobbies are my interests not currently being actively pursued.

But one thing that remains constantly in my heart is cybernetics, which was, to me a revelation when I met it in the person of Gordon Pask and his astonishing cybernetic mind, in 1967.

I have the honour to be the current president of the ASC.