Bill Seaman’s Details

Bill Seaman

Bill Seaman

Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Media Arts + Sciences
Duke Institute for Brains Sciences, Fitzpatrick Institute For Photonics


Biographical Info: Seaman’s work often explores an expanded media-oriented poetics through various technological means— “Recombinant Poetics”. More recently he has been exploring notions surrounding “Recombinant Informatics” — a multi-perspective approach to inventive knowledge production. He is currently working on a series of art/science collaborations — poetic installations and scientific research papers. The book Neosentience | The Benevolence Engine with Otto Rössler has come out on Intellect Press. He is also collaborating with artist/computer scientist Daniel Howe on multiple works exploring AI and creative writing/multi-media and has completed an album of experimental music with Howe entitled Minor Distance. He has developed a new generative work and is undertaking interface research with Todd Berreth; is exploring the creation of a transdisciplinary research tool “The Insight Engine”; is collaborating with John Supko on a new generative audio/visual work; His most recent music collaboration is with Craig Tattersall from The Boats / The Humble Bee et. al. They have finished a large audio work entitled Light Folds.

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