Louis Kauffman’s Details

Louis H. Kauffman

Louis H. Kauffman

Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: kauffman@uic.edu
Website: http://www.math.uic.edu/~kauffman

Biographical Info: Louis Hirsch Kauffman was born in Potsdam, New York on Feb. 3, 1945 He graduated from Norwood-Norfolk Central High School in 1962 as valedictorian. He received the degree of B.S. in Mathematics from MIT in 1966 and a PhD. in Mathematics by Princeton University in 1972. He is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Kauffman is the author of four books on knot theory (three in Princeton University Press and one in World Scientific Press), a book on map coloring and the reformulation of mathematical problems, Map Reformulation (Princelet Editions;London and Zurich (1986)) and is the editor of the World-Scientific ‘Book Series On Knots and Everything’. He is the Editor in Chief and founding editor of the Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications. Kauffman is the recipient of a 1993 University Scholar Award by the University of Illinois at Chicago and he is the 1993 recipient of the 1993 Warren McCulloch Memorial Award of the American Society for Cybernetics for significant contributions to the field of Cybernetics and the 1996 award of the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association for his contribution to the understanding of discrete physics. He was president of the American Society for Cybenetics from 2005 to 2008. He was a Polya Lecturer for the Mathematical Society of America from 2008 to 2010. His present work is on virtual knot theory, graphical lambda calculus, foundations of quantum physics and quantum computing, and the formulation of cybernetics in terms of form, eigenform and reflexive dynamics.