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Paul Pangaro

Paul Pangaro


Biographical Info: My longest-time interest is in the applications of cybernetics to software design, organizational design, daily living. Most recently in a modest way I am bringing models of conversation to the design of a new model for reading on the web at

I met Gordon Pask via Nicholas Negroponte, and then many other greats, including Heinz von Foerster, Humberto Maturana, Stafford Beer, Ranulph Glanville.

Further formal bio: Product strategy, prescriptive innovation, and organizational dynamics, with roles as technology executive, professor of cybernetics, entrepreneur, and performer. He spent ten years in Silicon Valley as CTO and strategy consultant to startups, and as Distinguished Market Strategist at Sun Microsystems.

Through prototyping, lecturing and writing, Paul’s career has focused on the cognitive and social needs of human beings. He taught a course at Stanford University for seven years, has lectured on his approach to conversation software in São Paulo, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Toronto, and in cities in the US.

Paul studied computer science and humanities at MIT, where he made award-winning computer-generated films. Nicholas Negroponte hired him to work in what became the MIT Media Lab. He earned a Ph.D. in cybernetics and conversation theory at Brunel University with Gordon Pask.