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Ray Ison’s Details

Professor of Systems, Engineering & Innovation Department, The Open University
Professor, Systems for Sustainability, Monash Sustainability Institute, Monash University


Biographical Info: Ray was appointed Professor of Systems at The Open University (UK) in 1994 and is the third person to hold the established Chair in Systems since the founding of the Systems Department in 1970. Prior to 1994, Ray held academic posts at the University of Sydney (School of Crop Sciences), the University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury) and the University of Queensland (where he completed his PhD). Since 2008 Ray has also been Professor, Systems for Sustainability at the Monash Sustainability Institute here he leads a Systemic Governance Research Program. Ray’s research interests can be summarised as a concern for understanding and effecting social learning through systems practices in situations of complexity and uncertainty. A summary term is ‘systems praxiology’ – praxiology is that field of study concerned with understanding effective action.