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Larry Richards’s Expression of Interest

While I attend ASC conference primarily to listen, learn and have conversations, I also look for ways to participate more “formally”. I have given pre-conference tutorials at numerous past ASC conferences and am willing to do so again at this one if a need arises; these tutorials include prepared materials but are more conversational than presentational and can happen one-on-one or in small groups.

For this conference, I am particularly interested in pursuing the notion advanced by Humberto Maturana that : “all doing is knowing, and all knowing is doing.” My instincts tell me that unravelling this notion will require an alternative way of thinking about learning, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and thinking itself–that is, an alternative to the common way of thinking about education and its value. This alternative will bring “doing” (and action) to center stage and even address thinking as a type of doing. If I can find the time, I may prepare a paper on this topic and its implications for both educational processes and the prospects for a new society (see abstract).

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