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Eliana Herrera-Vega’s Expression of Interest

Dear Cybernetics Org.,

I am interested in exploring cybernetic theories for understanding the current social-system panorama. I bring a clear understanding of N. Luhmann’s theory of social systems along with a philosophical, critical perspective on the media of communication that seems to prevail in the case of the economic system. I am also familiar with the works of many cybernetic authors and look forward to establish a long-term conversation with the participants in ASC- Cybernetics.
Finally, I believe that the current crisis is the opportunity for developing a paradigm change in respect to our collective observation and human possibilities of action, in a system-mediated global society. This paradigm shift has to address emergent properties in socio-technical systems. A renewed paradigm also has to cope with the consequences that those new modalities of systems intelligence entail for the level of humanity.

Dr. Eliana Herrera-Vega

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