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Michael Hohl’s Expression of Interest

I will bring to the conference an improvised musical instrument, openness, curiosity and critical listening as well as my own experience and thoughts about acting, learning and understanding.
I am interested in learning more about the relationship between acting and learning and how they inform each other creating understanding. This is of particular interest to me on multiple levels. As an educator and phd supervisor I would like to get a better understanding and approach on how acting can facilitate understanding and how this may inform new ways of teaching. As a designer & researcher I am interested in how implicit knowledge gained through practice, can be made explicit and in this process perhaps link theorising and practice in a more intuitive manner. When is acting a way of theorising? When does theorising become a way of acting?
I am looking forward to hearing new perspectives on these and other themes from different disciplinary backgrounds and fields and trust that some of these will help to enrich my own understanding.

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