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Ludmila Malinova’s Expression of Interest

I am working on my dissertation thesis and I need to get some experience from so great experts from ASC environment. My master thesis was based on second order cybernetics theory. In my master thesis I prepared structured questionnaire in consulting company. I got really interesting results which I would like to share with you (experts) and to consult it for my further research. My mentor was Antonin Rosicky, who helped me with his priceless advices in this field. Now he is bedridden and I need to find some experts from your community to discuss my dissertation topic. I want to prepare some methodology or tool for organization to imply second order cybernetics combined with information management and social networks. My goal is to be able persuade managers, that they need sociocybernetics for understanding their employees, processes and business.
I would like to find at the conference inspiration for my thesis and also to find new colleagues or hopefully friends.

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