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Tirumala V’s Expression of Interest

I am interested to participate in the ASC 2013 conversational conference to see how the cybernetics is at work in real life scenarios that takes the concepts of acting and understanding, and forming circular causality using the linear causality between them, all this by way of talking and acting together. I strongly believe in that, acting will lead to a rich understanding due to unique and enormous possibilities that exist in the environment. This is one of the learning. The other learning is that we get from applying the understanding to be used for acting
To be holistic in learning, we need both kinds of learning’s. But main problem in today’s world is that
— these two learning’s are seen as independent and without circular conjoining, what we call as separate linear causalities, leading to reductionism.
Unless these two learning’s are conjoined in a circular fashion, there won’t be holism, which is a risk. In other words, we need to feedback the understanding that we gained from acting back to the understanding to be used in future for acting and this journey goes for continuous improvement of each other bringing in real value.
I will also be interested to know the risks associated with improper acting and understanding that will ultimately lead to improper learning, as risks is my broad area of research.
I will bring in my knowledge on Cybernetics , Systems and Conversation theory that will be useful for this conference to develop new questions acting collaboratively on the theme and sub-themes. I would like to contribute different ways of acting, different types of understandings based on my work experience in cybernetics and systems, both as a practitioner as well as researcher.
ASC 2013 will put me in touch with many interdisciplinary professionals outside my field with whom I will collaborate by way of listening and conversing.
I am very happy and thank the organizers for choosing the main theme as Acting—Learning—Understanding: reflecting, collaborating, conversing, doing, as this is very useful in all types of work.
I have even used the conference sub-themes, ‘action leads to understanding’ and ‘understanding leads to action’ to write this expression of Interest statement. I am looking forward to participate in this conference and am hopeful that I will contribute in an emergent way that is: From ASC conference to Participant (me) and from Participant (me) to ASC conference in circular conjoined way.

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