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Julian Stadon’s Expression of Interest

I am currently completing a PhD in Post-biological identity politics in real time mixed reality data transfer systems art. My thesis explores the evolving field of mixed reality data transfer and how this relates to current research regarding post-biological identity. The research aims to develop new notions regarding post-biological identity through innovative real time data transfer systems that incorporate biological information and mixed reality applications as artistic mediums.

Using the notion of hypersurfacing as a starting point, the research juxtaposes traditional representations of identity and the body with modern metaphors relating to the ownership of personal information, specifically ‘data bodies’. The practical outcomes relate data bodies to organ trade and panoptic/surveillance networks as a way of exploring how post-colonial approaches to developing semiotic structures within telematic virtual environments need to be expanded, in order to address new issues and languages arising from such systems.

My research interests are grounded in an ogoing investigation into feedback systems relating to artist, representation and viewer. My particular interest in the role interfaces and interaction design plays in this scenario has led the research to include cybernetics within its discourse. Having previously attended ASC2010 (unfortunately having to leave early due to prior commitments), I am very eager to again attend this conference. I found the format innovative, constructive and enjoyable and feel the progression of my own research will allow me to participate ever further in discussions, while learning more about related fields from some very interesting researchers.

FInally, I will also be finalising my PhD thesis around this time so I hope this conference would provide some feedback in regards to my own research, along with furthering my understanding of how it fits into the dense field of cybernetics.

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