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Narayana Mandaleeka’s Expression of Interest

I am happy to note that 2013 ASC Conference has set the theme as Acting-Learning-Understanding and I am interested to participate in the deliberations at this conference. I am a firm believer that every idea born gets done twice. It gets done first in the mind before it gets manifested in a physical/tangible form. How things are to be done? Means are as important as the end, for the success is very much dependent on what one intends as envisaged in the goals setting and how one performs as per values.
In our center (Business Systems and Cybernetics) we believe “Values to Value™” as a working philosophy to design the offerings that interests our associates to help them to solve their client problems. The second term in the above working philosophy, “Value” refers to the stakeholder value that should come out holistically. A key component in problem solving is to understand the problem from different perspectives / dimensions. Learning takes place by designing the solution with this understanding and performing as per the design. In reality, achieving the goal may not be as simple as it thought out to be. In the complex and uncertain situations the goals may be evasive till the point a good enough understanding of a situation is arrived. With each successive action cycles the learning deepens the understanding and prepares one for the next cycle of action bringing close to targeted outcomes. Thus achieving goal is a journey involving reflection on the results, conceptualization of the reality followed by experimentation (innovation). The goal itself may be changing with changing environment (in businesses or otherwise)
My idea of attending the conference is as much to learn as to contribute on the aspect of knowledge creation that takes place while the entity (organization, individual) is seeking a goal. By being in the software industry for the last three decades and by having served various roles as programmer, designer, architect, practitioner, and consultant and now as researcher I feel that I will be able to contribute by my participation. The insights that I may gain by networking and interacting with the fellow participants will be some useful takeaways in terms of right questions that need to be addressed.
I look forward to the invitation to attend this conference and wish the conference a great success.

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