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Christine Welch’s Details

Christine Welch

Christine Welch

Visiting Research Fellow, Portsmouth Business School
Director, UK Systems Society


Biographical Info: I live in Portsmouth, UK, with my husband of 40 years and our elderly cat. I work as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Business School of Portsmouth University, where I supervise a number of doctoral students from different parts of the world, so I have had to become familiar with tutoring via Skype. I am also a training consultant with SPMC. I have a long-time interest in Systems as a discipline since I took an Open University course in the 1980s, which has led me to research and write in this field, and to become a Director (and former President) of the UK Systems Society. I have been a member of ASC since 2010 and I also belong to the SCiO organisation, and the Informing Science Institute. My research interests include critical systemic thinking, contextual analysis and organizational change, and I have co-written many conference papers, book chapters and articles, principally with Peter Bednar. This work has involved constant (re)visiting of the themes of acting, learning and understanding. More recently, I became interested in application of the Viable Systems Model as a lens for analysis in relation to knowledge sharing in organisations. In my spare time I like to listen to Blues music, although my forays into performance have been tentative and not for public consumption. I am also a keen supporter of Portsmouth Football Club, and have followed its journey from Divison 4 in the 1970s to the Premiership and back to League 2 (Division 4) in 2013. We remain hopeful of a return to the good times. This seems like a good metaphor for life as it is lived.