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Mike van de Wijnckel’s Details

Mike van de Wijnckel

Mike van de Wijnckel

Consultant, Van de Wijnckel Adviezen BV


Biographical Info: Mike van de Wijnckel (1985). I am Dutch, although I also enjoy living in Flemish culture. This is because I live in Eede, a small village in the Southwest of the Netherlands at the border with Belgium, and half of my family is Flemish. I am educated as a mechanical engineer, with a Swiss management education. But my most intense education is my self-education in cybernetics which started in 2004. Since then, I have widely studied cybernetics and have actively started to interact with “cybernetic colleagues” and some of them became close friends. 2004 is also the year I started an independent consultancy firm together with my father. As a practitioner, I have been developing solutions that embody cybernetic principles and which are therefore transdisciplinary to quite an extent: I work in a spectrum from primary schools to process industry in both the Netherlands and Belgium. In my leisure time I like walking in a forest, I love Swiss and Italian life style and nature, I enjoy skiing in the Alps, or otherwise riding my recumbent bicycle at home in the low lands.