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Xesca Deya’s Expression of Interest

I am a body and mind therapist and was trained in Diafreo fifteen years ago. Diafreo is the work which developed from the method of work called ‘anti-gimnasia’ established by the physiotherapists Therése Berterac and Francoise Mezieres. They named
the work after observing how the accumulation of tensions and stress often results in deformation to the shape of the body. They describe how the body develops compoensations in order to remain standing and avoid pain. They propose that the personal history of physical and emotional stress on muscle and bone is carried with us, and has an important impact on how we feel and function.

I trained in ayurveda abyanga massage and studied its philosophy on nutrition and as a way of life in Kerala in 2006.

I have also qualified as a gestalt therapist at the Escuela de gestalt mediterraneo in Palma de mallorca in 2009.

I apply these three traditions in my practice as a therapist. In the course of my study and work I have frequently encountered systems theory and I have come across the writings of Gregory Bateson, Ronnie Lang, Humberto Maturana and Stafford Beer. I would like to participate in the conference in order to explore how this tradition can inform my practice, and my understanding of my work as a

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